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Cranes & Crane Trucks

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Crane trucks have revolutionised the freight industry by combining lifting capabilities with transportation convenience. Say goodbye to complexities with our integrated crane trucks that eliminate the need for separate equipment.

We offer comprehensive freight brokerage services tailored to your unique requirements, thanks to our extensive network of operators and the versatility of crane trucks. If you have a freight requirement needing a crane truck, the experts at The Freight Collective are here to help!

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Why Choose The Freight Collective ?

When it comes to cranes and crane trucks, The Freight Collective is the top choice. Our commitment to simplifying transportation and contractor management sets us apart. We offer seamless operations by eliminating complexities and the need for multiple resources. With our extensive network of operators, we provide a multiservice freight solution that caters to diverse transport needs. Our “can-do attitude” ensures that we tackle any challenge with confidence.

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