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Complex Logistics Movments

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Complex Logistics Movments

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The Freight Collective was founded from a passion of serving customers through using an all-encompassing transportation network approach. We strive to remove the complexity associated with transportation and contractor management. 

Through using our extensive network of operators, we ensure that your requirements remain the highest of our priorities and are met through the most effective means. Our freight brokerage services offer your multiservice solution to all requirements.  

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Known for the ability to take on urgent & complex freight requirements that most logistic professionals would shy away from, The Freight Collective is built on the basis of a can do attitude.  

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Justin | The Freight Collective

Justin Martin. The Multidisciplinary Logistics Expert, currently Owner and Managing Director at The Freight Collective

The Freight Collective

Justin Martin

Justin Martin relocated to Australia in 2010 from Texas, USA. During his time in Australia he has developed extensive industry contacts and knowledge of the transport network. He is passionate about efficient business and resolving complex freight situations. Justin has a great appreciation for his customers and is known for building strong and genuine relationships with all clients. Justin will explore every available option to ensure the best freight solution is delivered for your needs. In the same way that Justin offers his Texan hospitality roots to all, he strives to be your one stop solution for transportation requirements.